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I guess I have a blog now. It's not a personal blog-that's for sure. But since you're reading the "about you" section, I have to talk about "me". I am studying in the New Media Master Program in the University of Amsterdam. My bachelor was in Communication, Media and Culture in Athens. Then I found myself a 90% dreamy job as a copywriter in a global advertising agency (BBDO). Great boss, big clients, small income :) Fun Theory and Free Hug Campaign magnified my interest in new media. "Hmmm, there must be a way to combine passion -advertising- and curiosity-new media-. Let's find out" I said. So, here I am in Amsterdam!

Blogging for the Economies of Commons 2 Conference: From Anti-Copyright to the Creative Anti-Commons

Dymitri Kleiner is a software developer working on projects that investigate the political economy of the internet, and the ideal of workers’ self-organization of production as a form of class struggle. Born in the USSR, Dmytri grew up in Toronto … Continue reading

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Not to get too emotional… but what happened to emotion?

She’ ll smile to you if you move to the left. No, try a different angle. I don’t know… Is she smiling at all? For over 500 years, viewers and researchers  have been trying to interpret Mona Lisa‘s enigmatic smile.  If a half-smile is worth … Continue reading

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Book review: “The tyranny of e-mail” – The Four-Thousand-Year Journey to your Inbox

 I ‘ve read once a story about a Japanese man who got married to the virtual girlfriend he dated in a Nintendo DS video game called Love Plus- a wedding blessed by a priest and not a virtual one. This … Continue reading

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Harvest your crops, feed your dog, serve the dishes… socialize!

Let me get this straight. I don’t have a pet. I never felt like growing pumkins. My cooking skills are below average. Does that make me socially “incompatible” with the millions of people playing Pet Society, Farmville, Cafe World and … Continue reading

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